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Meet Nicholas Mohnacky, Ben Stahlhood II, and Jeff Robbins - three powerhouse entrepreneurs had all risen to marked levels of success, in their respective endeavors, before the day they put their heads together collectively.

Nick left corporate at a young age and had successfully launched a number of companies before his 32nd birthday (which he celebrated on a remote island in Indonesia), Ben has engineered and shipped over 100 iPhone, iPad or web apps (including Nike Plus and SIRI). And Jeff has a lifetime of experience growing and selling ventures which include but are not limited to ornamental water fountains, nutritional food/beverage companies, and in his earliest years, selling snake venom to medical labs that he collected in the Mojave Desert.

Combined, they’ve spent forty plus years in innovation. Perpetually creating something out of nothing, in the spirit of amplifying the human experience.


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Our mission is to help users understand how energy converts to impact so that they can elevate their world.

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We believe in
good for you ideas.

BNotes exists because our team believes in “good for you ideas” - the stuff that makes people's lives happier and more productive. We're a company built on strategy derived from the unteachable ability to sense a solution to a problem and leverage resources to fill the gap.

People are consciously and subconsciously using data to inform thoughts every second of the day. Understanding how the results of our energy translate to conversion is a powerful thing.

We set out to simplify the decision-making workflow by informing thoughts with data and pairing ideation with notes. From small-scale and locally owned to corporate heavy hitters, we know that Bnotes can be used to improve well, life.

BNotes is proudly built in West Palm Beach, FL

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