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Bnotes improves the flow of intelligence across organizations by keeping communications organized, relevant, and actionable within a single system.

Organize your thoughts

Our intuitive hashtag system makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for. No more endlessly searching through your inbox or cloud folders looking for your notes.

Optimize your workflow

Communication often breaks down once a team grows bigger than a handful of people—but it doesn’t have to. Now, you can easily access and share the notes you create all in one place.

Meet Jeff.

Jeff owns a food/beverage startup company. As you can imagine, growing his business demands oversight and diligence. He and his team use BNotes to stay apprised of key performance indicators and share in their findings.

Analyze key business metrics

Bnotes helps you visualize the impact of your efforts so you know what’s working—and what isn’t. Take a look at your dashboard for real-time updates on how your day-to-day work is translating into revenue, visits, click, likes, transactions, new users, and more.

Co. Dashboard

Business Notes

Customize your experience

Connect your ideas and workflow with your most important metrics using bnotes data modules. As an early user, you can customize your business intelligence dashboard using Google Analytics and Facebook data. New modules coming soon: Instagram, Mailchimp, Pinterest, Shopify, Twitter, and Quickbooks.

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