Intelligent Note-taking

People use BNotes to inform their thoughts and optimize business efforts. Understand how your energy converts to impact.


Optimize Your Workflow

When it comes to the whole “work smarter, not harder” thing, being tuned in to the right information at the right time – is essential. ​

Transfer Knowledge

Generate reports and have them ready in less time than
it takes to say, “Psst, can you send this to Jeff?”

Meet Jeff.

Jeff owns a food/beverage startup company. As you can imagine, growing his business demands oversight and diligence. He and his team use BNotes to stay apprised of key performance indicators and share in their findings.

Create Healthy Habits​

Wake up. Brush your teeth. Put on pants*. Open BNotes. Take a look at your dashboard for a pulse check on the state of your company. Notate your findings and write thoughts on how you plan to tackle the day.

*pants are totally optional, brushing teeth – highly recommended.

Co. Dashboard

Business Notes

Enhance Your Efforts

As you implement change, create new strategies and improve tactics, BNotes helps you visualize the impact of your efforts – making them tangible and crystal clear. “Did ______ work?” Choose your metrics – and take note.

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